Saturday, December 18, 2010

Will You...

The holidays are a very popular time for popping the big question. It makes good sense really. If you live far from family and friends, chances are a visit will be happening so that you can celebrate the good news with loved ones.
I became engaged on Christmas. My husband did not do anything too crazy, but much to my surprise, planned a simple and meaningful proposal. And that is what matters most...that it is meaningful. Here's a peek into my engagement story:

We spent the morning together and we each had a few gifts for the other. I cannot remember what I got him (probably something lame...I am a horrible gift-picker-outer!). He gave me a new camera. Together we read the directions and put the film in (back in the days of film). Once it was up and running I opened my other present, while he practiced with the camera. All the while I opened this big ginormous box, he snapped away. Of course inside was an engagement ring! He was was sly with that camera gift - we have all the moments and memories of me owning my ring box on film! Tricky!

I will admit I made my hubby stop by the store on the way to my parents house on Christmas Day so I could purchase a bridal magazine or two.
It is a busy time too on so many levels. I have seen many a bride jump straight into her planning. I have actually received phone calls (messages) on Christmas from the newly engaged asking to schedule an appointment. Now, that is quick!

Take some time...revel in the excitement of being engaged...enjoy the family and friends and love that is in the air. And rest up and read up...come January competition is stiff for vendors and locales.

So, tell me about your engagement.
When was it? Was it romantic?
Were you a crazy-excited bride like me?
How soon did you start planning?

See ya soon!
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