Monday, May 17, 2010

A Lot of Color! A Lot of Spice!

Back when I was in L.A., I was the Co-Director for
the Association of Bridal Consultants-Greater Los Angeles.
In that position I had the opportunity to work with
amazing people on a daily basis. 
Each month we would host a mixer for event professionals.
The goal was networking, education and
to introduce new products and ideas.
The following photos are from one of our events
held at Veranda's in Manhattan beach, California.
For this event went went with a "hip Moroccan" theme
and used non traditional colors of fuchsia, lime, and orange. 
There were beautiful linens, chairs, and locale provided,
but working with a florist we transformed
the event using common items that had
great impact on the eyes and not on the budget.

Hollowed artichokes and orange halves held votives.
This added a bit of whimsy and also a fun way
to display common wedding decor. 
 Glass hurricanes held pillar candles, but interest
was created by placing dried fruits and nuts in the base...
bought in bulk...this was very inexpensive. 
We used the spices only on the cocktail tables,
so their aroma did not interfere with the meal.
 Spices were used freely!
Again, we bought spices in bulk
- look for whole, not ground, spices
such as coriander, anise, cinnamon sticks, bay leaves, etc.
Dates, figs, and other fruits also provided a
naturally fitting accent to the cocktail table decor.
The lanterns and other containers were all from Big Lots
and purchased at various times.
Only a few here and there matched, but the overall feel
of the containers was the same, so it worked.
The fabric draping is a combination of sheets bought on clearance, yardage of inexpensive fabric, and a print to bring it all to life. Extra large pillow forms were covered in cases made of sheets and loungers made of foam were placed throughout the garden.

Simple and inexpensive details using unexpected elements
were the key to this Hip Moroccan inspired soiree. 

Happy Planning!

Credits: location, Vernada's; catering, New York Food Company; floral design, Bobbe Vagel, Linens, BBJ Linen; Designers, Patty Andersen, Mary Sushinksi, Holly Lefevre

Friday, May 14, 2010

Get Tickled Pink at 504 Main

504 Main 
Do you all know I have another non-wedding blog?
Yep, sure do...504 Main.
New this week over there is Tickled Pink Fridays with a Pinky Linky!
I have been doing I'm Tickled Pink for a few weeks now,
but his week, everyone can join in on the fun!
Join in the fun of this blog hop...great recipes, DIY
 Tickled Pink is my way of highlight fabulous
finds, bloggers, and ideas that speak to me.
You can hop on over to 504 Main to see the full post...
and there is a giveaway that must be entered over at 504 Main
Did you see these?
YES! Lily Pulitzer Animal Crackers!
You can read all about it HERE!
I scooped up every box I could find {at Target}...all for a good cause
-supports tiger conservation in Sumatra through the World Wildlife Fund.
 I want to see what tickles you pink on your blog!
Feel free to link up...
a craft...a recipe...a tip...a party...a short story...a poem
...a fashion find...a favorite product...your favorite post...
whatever makes your blog fabulous.
{You get the idea, right?} 
*It does NOT have to be a new post*
*It does NOT have to be pink or pink-related*
*Pretty please...add the Tickled Pink button to the post*
*Visit 3 people from the link*
*It would be great if you were a follower or subscriber {*wink*}

{keep is at the bottom!}
Oh yeah, this is the giveaway at 504 Main

Show me watch you got!
{I have had many email with questions on how to do this...follow the prompts and you should be OK...if not email me..I'll try to help!}

  What more info on I'm Tickled Pink or how to nominate a product/person/idea/recipe to be featured, click HERE or simply email me! is cool to nominate yourself! Loving all of your ideas!!!!!! Bring them on!

I reserve the right to remove posts that are offensive or do not adhere
to the rules, without any discussion, at my discretion. 

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

What Does Hip Really Mean?

What defines a hip bride?
What is a hip wedding...
and how can you have one? 
Here 3 super simple ideas to keep in mind!
#1 – Any wedding can be hip. This is a BIG country. What’s hip to a bride in CA may not be in style for bride in NY or appropriate for the bride in MO.
#2 - A hip bride has three essential beliefs: allocate money wisely, implement ideas effectively, and let personal style be your guide.
#3 -  You can have a hip wedding by not getting caught up in what you think a wedding has to be and instead letting is be what you want it to be. There are very few “rules”  that you need to follow (and most of those involve etiquette).
Happy Planning!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Lovebirds! Bridal Shower Inspiration

Today's absolutely amazing eye candy
is courtesy of Yvonne at StoneGable.
The theme is Lovebirds - perfection!
And Yvonne describes is as a
"...whimsical, vintage and organic feel.
Lots of natural elements.
A sort of Anthropology meets StoneGable."

It is one of the most delightful,
well-designed themes I have seen for a bridal shower.
Seriously it is so fantastic that I believe I stopped
my comment on the post to go to my email and
ask if I could post her idea here.
So, get ready...this is gorgeous!

The decor consists of nest, twigs, sticks, moss,
and items from around the house, with shades of spring greens,
blue, aquas with accents of white and brown and fun pops of yellow.

Enjoy StoneGable's Lovebirds bridal shower!
I have nothing but love for this kind of party planning!
Love, love, love the detail of the nest in the chandelier!
The lunch table

 Details, details! Absolute perfection!
Even the utensils are displayed with flair!
The details are not lost in the food presentation...
notice the "salmon mousse"on the egg or
the arugula salad sitting in the nest.
Yvonne has the entire menu on her blog.
These cupcakes look almost too good to eat.
Check out Yvonne's tutorial for how to make these beauties!

A BIG thanks to Yvonne at StoneGable for letting
me share her beautiful bridal shower.
All photos in this post are courtesy of StoneGable.

Anyone have a favorite theme of a bridal shower or
wedding that they would like to share?

Happy Showers!

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