Saturday, December 18, 2010

Will You...

The holidays are a very popular time for popping the big question. It makes good sense really. If you live far from family and friends, chances are a visit will be happening so that you can celebrate the good news with loved ones.
I became engaged on Christmas. My husband did not do anything too crazy, but much to my surprise, planned a simple and meaningful proposal. And that is what matters most...that it is meaningful. Here's a peek into my engagement story:

We spent the morning together and we each had a few gifts for the other. I cannot remember what I got him (probably something lame...I am a horrible gift-picker-outer!). He gave me a new camera. Together we read the directions and put the film in (back in the days of film). Once it was up and running I opened my other present, while he practiced with the camera. All the while I opened this big ginormous box, he snapped away. Of course inside was an engagement ring! He was was sly with that camera gift - we have all the moments and memories of me owning my ring box on film! Tricky!

I will admit I made my hubby stop by the store on the way to my parents house on Christmas Day so I could purchase a bridal magazine or two.
It is a busy time too on so many levels. I have seen many a bride jump straight into her planning. I have actually received phone calls (messages) on Christmas from the newly engaged asking to schedule an appointment. Now, that is quick!

Take some time...revel in the excitement of being engaged...enjoy the family and friends and love that is in the air. And rest up and read up...come January competition is stiff for vendors and locales.

So, tell me about your engagement.
When was it? Was it romantic?
Were you a crazy-excited bride like me?
How soon did you start planning?

See ya soon!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Great Ideas for Your Wedding!

I am always thrilled when I find something fun and new to do at a wedding, especially when it is a detail that brings even more meaning to an already wonderful occasion. Here are a couple of idea I ran across that are fabulous and have so much potential to work with so many weddings.

Jenny at Simcoe Street had a great idea for her wedding too!
Check out what she created for her wedding guest book table.
"What we did was get wedding photos of as many of our guests as we could - our aunts, uncles, great aunts and uncles, grandparents, parents and friends. Sometimes this meant calling the kids of our parents' friends and asking them to secretly scan and email us the pic. For a lot of them, our Moms had copies of pictures that we made copies of and used. Everyone was completely surprised by this, and it was fun to show weddings of all styles and decades and highlight the amazing tradition of weddings."
This idea is fun and what a great way to celebrate marriage!
First, from Restoring Tracey, inspired ideas from a DIY Wedding.
I am particularly fond of the ladder used as a display...FAB idea!
Thanks ladies for the amazing ideas and inspiration!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

This is Going to Cost You! The Budget

Over the last several years, "big" weddings have become hugely popular for brides and big business for wedding vendors. During this time, a slew of "urban legends for wedding planning" have sprung up. Many brides get caught up in these myths as they seem simple enough and, on the surface, sometimes even logical. Don't be fooled. Dispelling the unfortunately too common fallacies of wedding planning will help you avoid disappointment and disaster. No one ever said planning a wedding was easy.
 MYTH: I know exactly what it takes to pull off a wedding, and I will not go over budget.

TRUTH: There is a good chance you probably will. Many brides "forget" to include some necessary expenses and/or incur additional costs at the last minute. Some brides also "fall in love" with certain items and must have them whether or not they were originally budgeted for. Work with a trusted professional wedding planner to detail out a budget for you based on your needs. Professional planners deal with budgets all of the time and know what costs are involved in a wedding.

As a final precaution, take 5-10% off of your budget total and hold it back for those unexpected expenses - if you need it, it will not push you over the edge, and if you don't you will have some extra cash for the honeymoon (or bank account!).
Happy Planning!

Monday, November 8, 2010

DIY...Tattooed Fruit and Pumpkins

I always am trying to think of new ideas for
weddings, home decor,!
When I was asked to do a giveaway
for Silhouette products at 504 Main

I was thrilled and when I received their Tattoo Paper!
My mind went crazy with ideas.
I wanted to try something new!
{at least I have not seen this before}
Tattooed Fruit and Pumpkins!
You can create your own designs and really do something special and unique!

Amazing Centerpieces

Table number, place cards, or just a special detail!

How excited am I!!!!
NO MACHINE NECESSARY to use these cool products!
Here's what you need:

You just need the Silhouette Tattoo Paper and some fruit or a pumpkin.
Now,I discovers that the bumpier the object {like all those ridges on a pumpkin} the trickier it is to get it to stick...but it is just a learning curve...after a try or two...I got it!
The pumpkins were more challenging than the pears because the pears were smoother.
My images are from The Graphics Fairy.

Here's what to do:
Just decide on a design, print it out using your computer and printer, apply the adhesive, cut out - with your scissors, apply to the surface!
DONE and quick!
And these are the easiest to apply tattoos I have ever tried!
    I did a tablescape that I will be showing off on Thursday at 504 Main!

    I was supplied with a product bundle from Silhouette to review and try out for this giveaway. Read my disclosure HERE.

    Wednesday, October 27, 2010

    Who Are All These People? Wedding Planners and Location Managers

    There seems to be a never ending list of myths
    when it comes to wedding planning...
    well, let's start talking about the reality!
    MYTH: I do not need a wedding planner. The location/venue/catering manager will help me.

    TRUTH: Simply speaking, a location manager is not the same as a wedding planner. The location manager works for the venue and the wedding planner works for you! The three of you (+ the groom) should work together to ensure your wedding runs smoothly.

    That said, it works differently at all locations, so you cannot make assumptions. There are venues where the location managers (sometimes called a catering or site manager) will work closely with you on all details from the moment you book the location until you leave the reception as husband and wife, offering vendors referrals, advice, and suggestions to assist you. Still, some venues work with a more hands-off approach, assisting you with details related to the venue (pricing, menu, times) and nothing more. In many instances, the location manager is onsite for the beginning of your wedding to ensure everything is ready to go but may leave sometime after the reception begins, leaving you in the hands of the banquet captain.
    A wedding planner works independently of the venue and is hired by you, to be your advocate. Now, depending on what services you hire a wedding planner for, she can be available to accompany you on appointments, taste menus, assemble invitations, run errands, or to simply manage the wedding day. (Check back later in the week for the skinny on the different types of wedding planning services!)

    So, don't get the services and responsibilities of wedding planners and location managers confused. Lastly, don't be surprised...ask questions, specific questions. Be sure you understand the extent of the assistance your location manager offers.

    Happy Planning!

    P.S. I always recommend the services of a professional wedding planner. 

    Monday, October 11, 2010

    Happily Ever After Sign

    I created this chic sign that can be used at the fabulous would it be hanging on a garden gate for the guests to see as they exit, at the end of the aisle, or even as part of the couple's dining table many possibilities!
    The sign could absolutely be customized with the wedding colors, a wedding date or the couple's names too. Oh yeah...I think this sign turned out pretty why not add different vinyl lettering for any occasion!

    Click HERE for a full pdf
    1 wood board. I used a 6x1 cut to X" long
    Design Diva vinyl lettering #1204
    Decoart American Acrylic, white
    Decoart Enamel, Black
    Decoart Stencil Paint, Grey
    Cutting Edge Stencil Brush Set
    Cutting Edge Wall Art Stencil, Birds on a Branch
    Dremel Multi-Max
    Rockler Deft Wood Finish Semi-Gloss
    Ribbon (optional)

    Go check out The DIY Club for the full tutorial.
    DIY Club
    And visit 504 Main for more DIYing!

    Monday, September 27, 2010

    Simple Advice: Rehearsal Dinner

    I am feeling very nostalgic today - it is my anniversary {you can read all about that craziness HERE}. I was thinking about all that happened before and during and after my wedding. I thought I would share some great advice with you.
    Rehearsal Day for many couples. It is a crazy exciting day that is packed with emotions. If you are reading this and you are not yet married, let me tell you, you cannot even imagine the little (and sometimes big) "tiffs" I have seen between bride and groom on rehearsal day.

    Why? As a bride (or groom), you have been working and planning to make this day perfect, and as the day approaches you are surrounded by family and friends, attending bridesmaids lunches and rehearsals, attending to all those last minute details...and probably have not seen a whole lot of your fiance...remember him, the man this is all for?

    When I was a (crazy) bride, my Matron of Honor gave me the best advice ever - advice I passed on to the many brides I worked with over the years - spend some time with your man! You can make time for the manicurist...make time for the man! Even if all you can swing is driving with your fiance - and only your fiance - to the rehearsal dinner, do it!

    Happy Planning!

    Sunday, September 19, 2010

    Do You See This Giveaway? Win One @ 504 Main

    Did you see this giveaway??????
    It is happening right now at 504 Main.
    These personal stampers are awesome beyond belief!
    You have until Wednesday 9/22/10 at 5:00 pm PST to enter to win one!

    Here's what you get:
    You win the stamper body and one personalized stamp. The great - no amazingly fun thing - is that you can then purchase other stamps, to use on the stamper because PSA Essentials has cool peel and stick technology.

    Go visit this {POST} to enter

    The winner will be selected on Wednesday,
    September 22 at 5:00 pm Pacific Standard Time.
    I will randomly select a winner by pulling names out of a hat.
    Winner will be announced on Thursday, 9/23 on 504 Main.

    Good luck!

    ***COMMENTS OFF***

    I am not good at the legal speak, but I am responsible for this stamp giveaway myself. The company did not and is not providing me with a sample or with the prize.

    Thursday, September 9, 2010

    Faux Vintage Crate

    I originally posted this over at 504 Main, but just had to share!
    Can't you just imagine this holding
    your programs, favors, wine bottles?
    Add your name, wedding date, location, etc. on these crates for custom decor!
    I love old crates. I dream of them. I search for them...
    I cannot find a single one in my area!
    I am taking matters into my own hands NOW!
    I have the skills. I have the supplies. I am making my own!
    1. 3 - 1" x 4" boards cut as follows: 5 cut at 11", 2 cut at 11.5"
    4. Dremel Mulit-Max (Sander option)
    5. Decoart acrylic paint in Burnt Umber.
    6. Decoart glazing medium 
    7. Handful of Nails
    8. Hammer
    9. Wood Stain and/or Paint I used a medium color stain 
    10. Rockler sponge brushed.
    11. Upholstery Tacks (for decoration, optional)
    12. Preferred decoration**

    DIY It!
    1. Cut Boards ( 5 cut at 11", 2 cut at 11.5"). The two longer pieces are the front and back of the crate.
    2. Bottom of crate: Take 3 cut pieces and run Gorilla Wood Glue along the edges. Make the bottom of the crate by pushing these together. Tape them with some Gorilla Tape to keep them tight while they dry.
    3. Make the perimeter of the crate. Add Gorilla Wood Glue to the corners of the remaining cut pieces. Use Gorilla Tape to hold the four corners together. I actually formed the box around the base from the above step made it really easy to keep is all squared up and easy to see where the 2 longer pieces fit in.
    4. Let dry completely.
    5. Remove Gorilla Tape.
    6. I hit in some nails to give it the hand made look and for character. I did 3 nails on the front and back and 1 for each base board. And I did one on each side.
    7. Using my Dremel Multi-Max with the Sander, I sanded all over the box. I really wanted to take off the edges but also make certain areas appear more rounded and worn.
    8. Wipe crate clean and apply wood stain. Let Dry.
    9. Mix Glazing Medium with Water and Burnt Umber acrylic paint as per directions on bottle.
    10. Apply glaze to entire crate and wipe off excess.
    11. Come back in with a darker paint {Burnt Umber} and using a DRY brush hit the corners, edges, etc. to give some character. Think about where the crate would be worn.
    12. Add some upholstery tacks for decoration (optional)
    13. Add decor. 

    Transfer IT!**
    My preferred decor for the box was the French word for Marriage "Le Mariage" {since I was a wedding planner and still love weddings, it seemed apropos}.
    Image or wording
    Transfer Paper
    I simply printed it out using a French Script font on my computer onto T-shirt Transfer Paper. I think this would be fun with the couple name and wedding date on the other sides. Iron on decor - this take more time than when using this on a T-shirt or cloth item. They can easily be painted! I will be trying the waterslide decal method next time!
    I L-O-V-E-D this project.
    So, expect to see some variations!
    I am already working on a bigger rolling version! 
    DIY Club
    Did you know the DIY Club September Party
    is happening right now and open until9/16...
    there is plenty of time to create a project...
    $500+ in prizes are up for grabs!

    DISCLOSURE: As part of the DIY Club, I have been supplied with vendor sponsored products to complete my projects. The opinions are projects are my own. See, my disclosure policy for more information.

    Monday, August 16, 2010

    Something Old, Someting New, Grab the Crew, and Your Gorilla Glue!

    At my other blog, 504 Main,
    their is a B-I-G Gorilla Glue giveaway happening.
    Below are the details...
    but you must enter at 504 Main.
    A Giveaway and  a SUPER-FAB Party!
    The DIY Club will be hosting an EXTRA party next month
    You have 18 chances to win a gift box of Gorilla Glue!!!!
    The Gorilla Glue PARTY
    Sept 9th through Sept 30th
    Our theme is:
    Something OLD
    Something NEW
    Grab the CREW
    (Yeah, get the family involved)
    And the GORILLA GLUE
    Repurpose something OLD or create something NEW, Grab your CREW,
    just be sure to use Gorilla Glue in your project!

    You have plenty of time, to plan, and
    22 days to enter...
    why TWENTY TWO?
    Just because it rhymes with NEW, CREW and Gorilla GLUE!
    What you will enter?
    We can't wait to see your projects.
    If you have entered a Gorilla Glue project into one of our monthly contests,
    you CAN re-enter it into this special event.

    The Gorilla Glue Giveaway! 
    !!RIGHT NOW!! 
    Get three entries at 504 Main: 
    Contest open to US participants only
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    To get those other 15 entries
    1- Visit and FOLLOW the other 5 ladies blogs (see list below). Leave them a comment letting them know you are following. If you already follow--let us know.
    -one entry per blog for following-
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    Each of the 6 DIY Club gals is giving away a gift box of Gorilla Glue. We will announce the 6 winners, Sunday Aug 22. Follow the guidelines above and here is where to enter!!!
    Gorilla Glue Party

    MANY MORE PRIZES will be awarded to our Gorilla Glue contest winners of the party event.
    Our Regular monthly party event will still take place.
    That party will begin 7 pm Sept 2.
    VOTE for the DIY CLUB August Winner NOW!
    Click HERE to see who is in the TOP 12!

    Gorilla Glue is providing the prizes for this giveaway. See my disclosure policy HERE
    Contest open to US participants only  
    504 Main

    Monday, August 9, 2010

    Mythical Monday! Thank You Notes

    It's time for Mythical Mondays where we clarify
    what really is and isn't true planning.
    MYTH: You have one year to write thank you notes.

    TRUTH: A widely held belief that a bride and groom have one year to send thank you notes to their guests is beyond comprehension. How will the guest know you even received the carefully selected gift? Will you even remember what you received as wedding gifts in one year? How motivated will you really be in one year? 

    The confusion comes from the notion that a guest has up to one year to send a gift. In actuality, the newlyweds should attempt to get out any thank you's within a few weeks of returning from the honeymoon (a couple of months is really the maximum). Thank you's for gifts received before the wedding should be sent promptly. This goes for engagement, shower, and wedding presents sent to the home.

    Thank You Cheat Sheet
    1. Email, texts, and a general shout-out on your wedding web site are not acceptable. The written word still rules here.
    2. Mention the gift. If it is a monetary gift you do not need to mention the amount, rather call it the "generous gift" or something similar.
    3. Include how you plan to use it
    4. Thank the guest for their generosity.
    5. Add a personal sentiment if possible.
    6. Sign your married name only after you are officially married.
    7. Use your maiden name for anything thank you notes written prior to the ceremony, even if it is a wedding gift (i.e., shower gifts, a wedding gift sent to your home that arrives in the days or weeks prior to the wedding).

    Sample Thank You Note:

    Dear Uncle Jack,
    Thank you so much for the place setting of formal china. We are so excited to host our first holiday meal on our china, and even more excited that you will be joining us. We are looking forward to seeing you there. Thank you for being a part of our wedding celebration.

    Happy Planning!

    Wednesday, July 28, 2010

    Over the {Honey}Moon for These Tips!

    With all of the time I spent working in the Los Angeles wedding industry, I know a lot of brilliant and talented wedding professionals. One of those talents is my friend Melissa who quite simply rocks. She knows her weddings. Currently she works at the Ebell of Los Angeles - one of the most gorgeous venues around...and writes for their all those lucky brides get to use her immense knowledge. Today I am sharing a little of that here.
    Honeymoon Checklist
    • Hotel reservations? Check!
    • Flights booked? Check!!
    • Passport current? Uh..check?
    • Vaccinations up to date? Um…Hm.
     Ah, yes, the honeymoon. 
    The ultimate vacation.
    The bliss after the blowout bash.
    Best way to enjoy it?
    Be well prepared, well in advance.
    Start early.
    Three to one month prior to your wedding start your check list:
    • Make sure passports, vaccinations and travel itineraries are in place and up to date.
    • Confirm reservations for hotels, airlines, rental cars, even dinners, tours, snorkeling adventures and sky diving excursions the month prior to your travels.
    • Brag! Tell reservation desks, concierge, airlines representatives, everyone you talk to, that this is your honeymoon.  You never know what bonuses or gifts might await you when you arrive.
    • Brides, make sure your tickets and reservations under your maiden name since all your identification will not have switched to married name in a short time.  Alternative would be to have marriage license with you when traveling, but that may be challenging to arrange in time for your departure.
    • Check with your doctor about your destination and if there are medications to consider having while there.  Renew prescriptions and have them on hand, too.
    • Got a dog?  Cat?  Bird?  Arrange for kennel or home care.
    • Have the post office hold your mail - easy to do online at the website
    • Set up automatic lighting system in your home – have the outdoor lights and / or indoor lamp set to come on at dusk and off at midnight (or have a trusted neighbor help you out with that.)
    • Ask the stores where you are registered to hold deliveries so boxes aren’t left at your front door.
    • Give your full itinerary to a parent or relative so you can be reached in case of emergency.
    • Pack your honeymoon luggage separately from your wedding day items.  Give the wedding suitcase to a friend or family member if you aren’t returning home prior to travel.
    • Take out the garbage.  Clear out the fridge. 
    • Organize addresses: write thank you notes on the plane or send postcard thank you notes from your destination!
    Thanks Melissa for letting me share this. 
    On a regular basis, you can find Melissa HERE.
    Happy Planning!

    Saturday, July 17, 2010

    Picnic Perfect Inspiration!

    Every once in awhile something so amazing comes your way,
    that every time you think about it, you are inspired.
    That is the way I feel about Lisa from Moore Minutes picnic.
    It is classic, charming, and, well, simply picture perfect!
    This picnic is loaded with inspiration and ideas that
    can be translated into your wedding or special event.
    I am just going to share a few photos to tease you.
    Lisa has a full menu and other fun ideas on her post.
    Go visit Lisa at Moore Minutes to see all the wonder in
     Can't you imagine a one of a kind wedding, rehearsal dinner,
    or bridal shower incorporating the style and ideas here?
    Simply lovely.
    Thanks Lisa for letting me show off your summertime picnic.


    Saturday, July 3, 2010

    Bridal Shower Inspiration

    A week or so ago on Tickled Pink at 504 Main, there was a link up to a beautiful bridal shower. I of course love all of those fancy schmancy bridal shower photo shoots you see in magazines and online, but I am really impressed with real life bridal showers and I think we can all learn a thing or two from what happens in the real world! So, as I find real life, real world, real people inspirations I have decided to share them.

    Cambria at Live to be Inspired 
    hosted and designed this very pretty and elegant bridal shower.
    You can see the complete post HERE.
    There are a lot of great details and the colors are fabulous.
    Thanks Cambria for letting me share!
    An inviting welcome.
    I always love a wreath or special detail
    on the door when having a celebration.
    Wishes and welcome.
    Fabulous flowers! Love the colors and the feathers!
     One of my favorite subtle details!
    Sheer perfection!
    Sweet favors!
    Polka dots are FAB!

    The food looks delicious too. Here is a sampling.
    Visit Cambria's post about the MENU to get a
    yummy chicken salad recipe for your collection!

    Thanks Cambria for letting me share your bridal shower design!
    I love planning bridal showers.
    What about you?
    {all  photos are property of Live to be Inspired}
    google-site-verification: googleaf2e92e7af72bfaa.html


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