Sunday, November 28, 2010

Great Ideas for Your Wedding!

I am always thrilled when I find something fun and new to do at a wedding, especially when it is a detail that brings even more meaning to an already wonderful occasion. Here are a couple of idea I ran across that are fabulous and have so much potential to work with so many weddings.

Jenny at Simcoe Street had a great idea for her wedding too!
Check out what she created for her wedding guest book table.
"What we did was get wedding photos of as many of our guests as we could - our aunts, uncles, great aunts and uncles, grandparents, parents and friends. Sometimes this meant calling the kids of our parents' friends and asking them to secretly scan and email us the pic. For a lot of them, our Moms had copies of pictures that we made copies of and used. Everyone was completely surprised by this, and it was fun to show weddings of all styles and decades and highlight the amazing tradition of weddings."
This idea is fun and what a great way to celebrate marriage!
First, from Restoring Tracey, inspired ideas from a DIY Wedding.
I am particularly fond of the ladder used as a display...FAB idea!
Thanks ladies for the amazing ideas and inspiration!


KDC Events said...

A guest wedding photo display! How cute! I have seen (and loved) when a bride puts up the wedding photos of her parents and grandparents. So sweet!
PS_ love the new look =)

Dacia said...

I love the wedding photos display idea. That would be so fun to see so many wedding photos in one place!

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