Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A Gracious Bride Knows....

We've all heard of Bridezillas, but really is that how you want to be remembered? It may get you on TV, but it won't score you any points...with anyone! You may be wearing white today...but that is not forever. Grace and courtesy is always becoming. Here are a few tips for being a gracious looks good on everyone!

1. Just because others do not know proper etiquette, doesn’t mean you should ignore it.
2. Be humble. You may be a bride now, but soon you will re-enter life as a mere mortal.
3. Respect tradition, but give it your own personal spin.
4. Mind your manners. “Please” and “Thank you” will take you a long way.
5. These people are your friends and family – they do not work for you, but are here to help you…because they love you.
6. Don’t assume anything - ask questions and get the details in writing.
7. These people are your GUESTS! Don’t keep them waiting and don’t ask them to pay for anything.
8. Treat your vendors kindly, and they will do the same for you.
9. Thank you notes are a must. It is never wrong to express your thanks to your parents, your guests, and your vendors.
10. If it doesn’t feel right don’t do it. When in doubt trust yourself. 
Have anything to add?
Love, love, love to hear your thoughts!
Happy Planning!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Get Your Cooker On!

I will admit when I got married I did not know how to cook...
but I did register for an apron...
Maybe I thought that would inspire me...not so much!
BUT I bet if I would have had a super-cute apron
like the ones from Lima Bean Designs,
I would have been rockin' the Stand Mixer
and Food Processor a lot soon {they spent 7 years in the box}!
Lima Bean Designs aprons are fabulous and
they come with a large pocket and and attached towel.
I have 3 now...and I actually cook too!
So brides...get your happy cooker on and
start off married life with a super-cute apron!
P.S. Stay apron giveaway is coming up on 504 Main.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Illuminating Idea

It is all about the details.
Right, ladies?
It shows thought and attention to detail.
It also puts your personal stamp on the wedding.
And besides it is FUN!
I am always on the lookout for new and fun ways to make the "necessary" stand out and become a part of the overall look and style of a wedding. While visiting my bloggy friends the other day. I stopped at It's So Very Cheri  and she had a post about iLLUMIEnate...and I fell in L-O-V-E instantly. I hopped on over to the esty store and now I must share this with all of you!
Are you kidding awesome is that!? 
What an awesome proposal idea, eh?

Here's the perfect solution for your table number/name cards!  What a beautiful way to light up your reception tables and also illuminate the way for your guests to find their tables.  You've just found your wedding/event's table numbers and/or table decoration! These luminaries are made of quality vellum paper and can be designed specifically for you. They're unique, pretty, and useful as well!
Check out the sets...imagine the beauty of a cohesive and stylish look not only on your dining tables, but intertwined throughout your wedding venues...lining the aisle, at the bar, in the ladies room, on the guestbook table...the possibilities are endless.
So, rehearsal dinner, bridesmaids lunch, wedding shower
and beyond, these luminaries are FAB!
Not planning a wedding...
this are also fantastic for any occasion like birthdays,
anniversaries, grad parties, christenings, etc.

You can also visit my website at
Go now check it will not be disappointed!
Happy Planning!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Bridal Beauty - What NOT To Do!

Back in L.A. when I was planning weddings full time, I used to always tell my brides "We have to start the ceremony on time...after that most things are a little flexible, but if we are late there, the whole day is late." A MAJOR key element in that is having professional hair and makeup artists to get the bride and bridal party ready and FABULOUS on time!

When it cam to bridal beauty, in my opinion there was no better company to call than Design Visage. Caren Lazarus and all of the ladies who work for her are amazing, top-notch, out of this world amazing hair and makeup stylists. She even helped me get out of a pickle once when the bride {without telling me} sent all her ladies down for a massage at "start time."
I asked Caren to share some "What NOT To-Do's" when it comes to bridal beauty. Here they are...heed her advice..she knows what she is talking about! In the past 25 years Caren has seen many mistakes and some obvious and some not so.  With no further adieu, here it is, words of wisdom from Caren at Design Visage:

1. Do not purchase your hair accessories prior to the hair preview… is more important to choose something that goes with the hairstyle than match your dress….most accessories compliment any dress anyway! Best to choose a stylist that has a good selection of hair pins, flowers, feathers, combs, headbands. This way you can try the different styles with each hairstyle and pick the perfect “you”.  
2. Be very prepared for the “preview’ hair and make-up session. The artist cannot read your mind and can only help you, not choose for you. Look through magazines (not just bridal…also trashy they often have wonderful hair and make-up looks) bring a selection of the photos and a photo of your dress to the preview.  
3. SPEAK UP…..when you pay for a hair and make-up preview, don’t be afraid to tell the artist if you like what she/he is doing or not. A good bridal hair and make-up artist will want your input….since by the way it is your day. Ask before you book with the artist, their style….are they open to your suggestions…this is not the time to hire a “DIVA” hairstylist that decides to do their latest creation on your hair for your wedding…remember it’s all about you.  
4. Check if the stylist is a single operation or a company, ask about their back-up plan….let’s face it emergency’s can happen….what will happen if she becomes ill the day before your wedding or gets a better offer, get a contract so you will be sure not to be the bride in waiting on your wedding day.  
5. Ask about the wedding day policy….let’s say all your 8 bridesmaids, both moms and grandma decide to have hair and make-up services on the wedding. Is your artist equipped to handle all this in a timely manner. Will she just bring an assistant or another qualified hair and make-up artist or 2. You do not want to be getting ready for 8 hours….a qualified company will get everyone ready and happy in 3 to 4 hours….no matter how many services you require.  
6. No airbrush tan on the wedding day….this is a service you, first need to do a practice one time to make sure you love it and second to see how their product looks on your skin….all products are not created equal. You don’t want to be an orange bride. The airbrush tan should be applied 1 to 3 days prior to the wedding. It will have time to blend nicely with your skin tone and the residue will have come off in the shower, not on your white dress.
7. All eyebrow waxing and threading should be done at least 3 to 7 days prior to the wedding. And any facial waxing for that matter. Did you know that when you are nervous you can swell more easily? Also a freshly waxed brow will not hold eye shadow….
8. A note on facials….probable one of the best things you can do for your wedding make-up…your make-up can only look as good as the skin underneath it. Although this is like an exercise program, you need to start as soon as possible. 6 months of monthly facials can do wonders for your skin….this way you can schedule that all important hydrating facial the week of your wedding. If you have not prepared your skin…DO NOT have your first facial any closer than 3 weeks prior to your wedding.
9. Don’t assume that you need to have an artist with your same ethnicity. A good make-up and hair artist can bring out the best in us all.

Caren Lazarus  
Owner, Design Visage

Thanks Caren! Go check out the Design Visage website and pay a visit to their blog too! There are amazing photos of makeup and hair designs that just may inspire your own look.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

WINNER! And A Little About Save the Dates!

And the winner is.....
{as selected out of the hat by hubby}

Just shoot me an email with your address {please don't post it in the comments}. Also, let me know if you want it signed or not {you wont hurt my feelings} and how you want it signed just the signature to "to" someone.

I really, really wish I had enough books to send you each one!
You can get one on Amazon or your local bookstore.
The Everything Wedding Etiquette Book: From invites to thank you notes  - All you need to handle even the stickiest  situations with ease (Everything Series)!
Remember, I asked you to leave a question {if you wanted}.
I love questions and be able to help you all out!
Ginger asked this little number about Save the Dates:
Q: We our having our wedding where we live which is across the country from where we grew up. We know most of the people that we are inviting will not come. Do we have to send save-the-date cards to those that we know will not come and we are just inviting because our parents want us to?

A: The answer to your question is YES, you do have to send save the dates to everyone invited...even if they live across the country and are your parents friends. Just make sure they are on the list definite guest list (or they will be once you send them the save the date). It just alleviates any potentially odd interactions ..."Oh, you got a save the date and we didn't...guess we were on the B-list until someone declined."

The Scoop on Save the Dates! 
Save-the-Dates can be simple or totally elaborate. What is most important is that the cards let the guest know a wedding is being planned for a particular date. These cards have become immensely popular, as they give family and friends living and working throughout the country and the world, a little “heads up” that an important event is coming. Just remember that a Save-the-Date is not considered to be an invitation to anything, it is merely a precursor to the invitation, giving the guests time to make travel arrangements.

When to Send
The Save-the-Date card should be sent at least six months before the wedding date. If you are planning a destination wedding, live in a resort town, are planning a wedding during peak travel times, or know many of your guests plan their travels twelve months out, sending them earlier is always acceptable.

Wording the Save-the-Date

The basic wording is simple and includes the bride’s and groom’s name, sometimes the host’s name, date of the wedding and geographic location of the wedding. Some couples have more elaborate wording or include quotes, photos, or other special notes. The tone and the wording can be changed to reflect your style or theme. Think of a save the date as a movie trailer...a teaser for things to come.You may also include travel, tourist, and accommodation information, as well as your wedding web site. Here's a sample!

Save the Date
for the marriage of
Janet Christine Miller
Jackson Arthur Smith
July 11, 2012
Los Angeles, California
Formal invitation to follow 

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