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WINNER! And A Little About Save the Dates!

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I really, really wish I had enough books to send you each one!
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The Everything Wedding Etiquette Book: From invites to thank you notes  - All you need to handle even the stickiest  situations with ease (Everything Series)!
Remember, I asked you to leave a question {if you wanted}.
I love questions and be able to help you all out!
Ginger asked this little number about Save the Dates:
Q: We our having our wedding where we live which is across the country from where we grew up. We know most of the people that we are inviting will not come. Do we have to send save-the-date cards to those that we know will not come and we are just inviting because our parents want us to?

A: The answer to your question is YES, you do have to send save the dates to everyone invited...even if they live across the country and are your parents friends. Just make sure they are on the list definite guest list (or they will be once you send them the save the date). It just alleviates any potentially odd interactions ..."Oh, you got a save the date and we didn't...guess we were on the B-list until someone declined."

The Scoop on Save the Dates! 
Save-the-Dates can be simple or totally elaborate. What is most important is that the cards let the guest know a wedding is being planned for a particular date. These cards have become immensely popular, as they give family and friends living and working throughout the country and the world, a little “heads up” that an important event is coming. Just remember that a Save-the-Date is not considered to be an invitation to anything, it is merely a precursor to the invitation, giving the guests time to make travel arrangements.

When to Send
The Save-the-Date card should be sent at least six months before the wedding date. If you are planning a destination wedding, live in a resort town, are planning a wedding during peak travel times, or know many of your guests plan their travels twelve months out, sending them earlier is always acceptable.

Wording the Save-the-Date

The basic wording is simple and includes the bride’s and groom’s name, sometimes the host’s name, date of the wedding and geographic location of the wedding. Some couples have more elaborate wording or include quotes, photos, or other special notes. The tone and the wording can be changed to reflect your style or theme. Think of a save the date as a movie trailer...a teaser for things to come.You may also include travel, tourist, and accommodation information, as well as your wedding web site. Here's a sample!

Save the Date
for the marriage of
Janet Christine Miller
Jackson Arthur Smith
July 11, 2012
Los Angeles, California
Formal invitation to follow 



Nancy said...

I replied to your e-mail. My thanks to both you and hubby!


Rhiannon Nicole said...

I may have made a few Save The Date mistakes hehe this would have been good to know two months ago! Ah well, I can pass along the advice for my other bride-to-be friends :) xx

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Thank you for stopping by my blog... :)

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