Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A Gracious Bride Knows....

We've all heard of Bridezillas, but really is that how you want to be remembered? It may get you on TV, but it won't score you any points...with anyone! You may be wearing white today...but that is not forever. Grace and courtesy is always becoming. Here are a few tips for being a gracious looks good on everyone!

1. Just because others do not know proper etiquette, doesn’t mean you should ignore it.
2. Be humble. You may be a bride now, but soon you will re-enter life as a mere mortal.
3. Respect tradition, but give it your own personal spin.
4. Mind your manners. “Please” and “Thank you” will take you a long way.
5. These people are your friends and family – they do not work for you, but are here to help you…because they love you.
6. Don’t assume anything - ask questions and get the details in writing.
7. These people are your GUESTS! Don’t keep them waiting and don’t ask them to pay for anything.
8. Treat your vendors kindly, and they will do the same for you.
9. Thank you notes are a must. It is never wrong to express your thanks to your parents, your guests, and your vendors.
10. If it doesn’t feel right don’t do it. When in doubt trust yourself. 
Have anything to add?
Love, love, love to hear your thoughts!
Happy Planning!


Shelly said...


After working in a Historic Wedding Chapel on several weddings all I would add is that:

Something usually DOES go wrong, a hem is torn, an usher faints, a flower girl gets shy before the event, the candles don't light-you name it!

But if you can maintain your sense of humor, sometimes those "glitches" are the most fun an memorable part of the day!


Rhiannon Nicole said...

GREAT list great great great!! I don't think I have anything to add....maybe I will after September 24th hehe xx

Anonymous said...

I was very gracious with my wedding plans. We gave everyone 48 hours to find some pants.

Kristin said...

Great tips Holly! I think I'll be printing these out to pass out to my brides!

The Pipster said...

Holly, I can't wait to see what happens today (i.e. did the inches stay off after 48 hours and the fat loss as well).

I have a wedding question. I am attending a beach wedding (a second wedding) for a couple in May. Their invitation says no gifts and I also asked her where she is registered and she said no gifts. Do I get a gift? If so, what do you recommend?

Melissa Papaj Photography said...

Couldn't be more accurate! Following this blog too :) Again, happy SITS day!

Brenda Susan said...

wow, those a wonderful reminders! Very nice.

KDC Events said...

This is a FABULOUS article!! I posted a link to it on my KDC Events facebook fan page. LOVE IT!! Every bride should read this!!

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