Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Over the {Honey}Moon for These Tips!

With all of the time I spent working in the Los Angeles wedding industry, I know a lot of brilliant and talented wedding professionals. One of those talents is my friend Melissa who quite simply rocks. She knows her weddings. Currently she works at the Ebell of Los Angeles - one of the most gorgeous venues around...and writes for their all those lucky brides get to use her immense knowledge. Today I am sharing a little of that here.
Honeymoon Checklist
  • Hotel reservations? Check!
  • Flights booked? Check!!
  • Passport current? Uh..check?
  • Vaccinations up to date? Um…Hm.
 Ah, yes, the honeymoon. 
The ultimate vacation.
The bliss after the blowout bash.
Best way to enjoy it?
Be well prepared, well in advance.
Start early.
Three to one month prior to your wedding start your check list:
  • Make sure passports, vaccinations and travel itineraries are in place and up to date.
  • Confirm reservations for hotels, airlines, rental cars, even dinners, tours, snorkeling adventures and sky diving excursions the month prior to your travels.
  • Brag! Tell reservation desks, concierge, airlines representatives, everyone you talk to, that this is your honeymoon.  You never know what bonuses or gifts might await you when you arrive.
  • Brides, make sure your tickets and reservations under your maiden name since all your identification will not have switched to married name in a short time.  Alternative would be to have marriage license with you when traveling, but that may be challenging to arrange in time for your departure.
  • Check with your doctor about your destination and if there are medications to consider having while there.  Renew prescriptions and have them on hand, too.
  • Got a dog?  Cat?  Bird?  Arrange for kennel or home care.
  • Have the post office hold your mail - easy to do online at the website
  • Set up automatic lighting system in your home – have the outdoor lights and / or indoor lamp set to come on at dusk and off at midnight (or have a trusted neighbor help you out with that.)
  • Ask the stores where you are registered to hold deliveries so boxes aren’t left at your front door.
  • Give your full itinerary to a parent or relative so you can be reached in case of emergency.
  • Pack your honeymoon luggage separately from your wedding day items.  Give the wedding suitcase to a friend or family member if you aren’t returning home prior to travel.
  • Take out the garbage.  Clear out the fridge. 
  • Organize addresses: write thank you notes on the plane or send postcard thank you notes from your destination!
Thanks Melissa for letting me share this. 
On a regular basis, you can find Melissa HERE.
Happy Planning!


KDC Events said...

A honeymoon check list! GREAT idea, you think of everything!

kirstyb said...

thnaks for sharing xxxx

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