Thursday, September 9, 2010

Faux Vintage Crate

I originally posted this over at 504 Main, but just had to share!
Can't you just imagine this holding
your programs, favors, wine bottles?
Add your name, wedding date, location, etc. on these crates for custom decor!
I love old crates. I dream of them. I search for them...
I cannot find a single one in my area!
I am taking matters into my own hands NOW!
I have the skills. I have the supplies. I am making my own!
1. 3 - 1" x 4" boards cut as follows: 5 cut at 11", 2 cut at 11.5"
4. Dremel Mulit-Max (Sander option)
5. Decoart acrylic paint in Burnt Umber.
6. Decoart glazing medium 
7. Handful of Nails
8. Hammer
9. Wood Stain and/or Paint I used a medium color stain 
10. Rockler sponge brushed.
11. Upholstery Tacks (for decoration, optional)
12. Preferred decoration**

1. Cut Boards ( 5 cut at 11", 2 cut at 11.5"). The two longer pieces are the front and back of the crate.
2. Bottom of crate: Take 3 cut pieces and run Gorilla Wood Glue along the edges. Make the bottom of the crate by pushing these together. Tape them with some Gorilla Tape to keep them tight while they dry.
3. Make the perimeter of the crate. Add Gorilla Wood Glue to the corners of the remaining cut pieces. Use Gorilla Tape to hold the four corners together. I actually formed the box around the base from the above step made it really easy to keep is all squared up and easy to see where the 2 longer pieces fit in.
4. Let dry completely.
5. Remove Gorilla Tape.
6. I hit in some nails to give it the hand made look and for character. I did 3 nails on the front and back and 1 for each base board. And I did one on each side.
7. Using my Dremel Multi-Max with the Sander, I sanded all over the box. I really wanted to take off the edges but also make certain areas appear more rounded and worn.
8. Wipe crate clean and apply wood stain. Let Dry.
9. Mix Glazing Medium with Water and Burnt Umber acrylic paint as per directions on bottle.
10. Apply glaze to entire crate and wipe off excess.
11. Come back in with a darker paint {Burnt Umber} and using a DRY brush hit the corners, edges, etc. to give some character. Think about where the crate would be worn.
12. Add some upholstery tacks for decoration (optional)
13. Add decor. 

Transfer IT!**
My preferred decor for the box was the French word for Marriage "Le Mariage" {since I was a wedding planner and still love weddings, it seemed apropos}.
Image or wording
Transfer Paper
I simply printed it out using a French Script font on my computer onto T-shirt Transfer Paper. I think this would be fun with the couple name and wedding date on the other sides. Iron on decor - this take more time than when using this on a T-shirt or cloth item. They can easily be painted! I will be trying the waterslide decal method next time!
I L-O-V-E-D this project.
So, expect to see some variations!
I am already working on a bigger rolling version! 
DIY Club
Did you know the DIY Club September Party
is happening right now and open until9/16...
there is plenty of time to create a project...
$500+ in prizes are up for grabs!

DISCLOSURE: As part of the DIY Club, I have been supplied with vendor sponsored products to complete my projects. The opinions are projects are my own. See, my disclosure policy for more information.


Atelier de Charo said...

A fantastic proyect! Love it!

MarcoBerlin said...

grate vintage crate holly :) i like the projects here since u can also use them for other events

Jen's Paper Parties said...

My hats off to you!!! Wow, now I am amazed at what you create!

PaisleyJade said...

That is very cool!!!

KDC Events said...

You are so crafty my friend! LOVE the upholstery tacks, they add a great touch!

Gabrielle Krake said...

This is a great project. I can see a whole shelving unit made this way...thanks for the inspiration!

Room Service ~ Decorating 101 said...

You go girl! Love it! I also loved your ragged ann comment. I see that too now... smiles.

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