Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I Want the Sand Between My Toes...But What Are We Supposed to Wear?

I have had a few questions pop up regarding
what to wear for a beach wedding.
For this one, I thought I would call in an expert,
Deborah LaFranchi of La Franchi Couture 
to share her expertise and knowledge.
With over 20 years of experience, she knows
what a bride and her entourage need.
Thinking of having a beach wedding?  Perhaps you are lucky enough to live close to the ocean or maybe a destination wedding on some exotic beach is what you have in mind.  Either way, Mother Nature will be alive and well and part of the wedding so you will need to take her into consideration when planning a beach wedding.

The beach is usually breezy so you need to think about the wind.  When choosing a gown, you want to make sure it isn't something that will fly up easily should a sudden gust of wind come your way.  This will be a choice of materials.  Don't pick fabrics such as chiffon or gauze or lightweight silk. Make sure the material has some weight to it so you have one less thing to worry about.

Also, beaches tend to be sunny and hot, whether it's humid like the Caribbean or dry like Malibu, be sure your gown is comfortable.  A strapless gown will be the coolest and won't show embarrassing underarm sweat marks the way a gown with sleeves might.  If you tend to get cold or chilled, have a wrap or stole handy that can be added if you need it last minute in case there is a change in temperature.  Make sure this is chosen when getting your gown so it co-ordinates with it and looks
like it was part of your ensemble.

Veils may become a nusance as you may just end up fighting it in the wind both during the ceremony and pictures.  But DO make sure you wear something in your hair.  A bride looks unfinished without some sort of head adornment.  Flowers are the perfect compliment to any hairstyle and beach wedding.  Beautiful combs, clips and tiaras are other options to explore,  but this designer says something in your hair is a MUST!

You may also want to have a hairstyle that is up and close to your head.  This will also be a benefit in a windy or hot setting.  It also gives an elegant look to any bride.

When choosing a gown, you probably don't want one with a long train when having a beach wedding.  It will drag and collect sand and just feel uncomfortable.  A small train is more manageable or even a short or ankle length gown might be your choice.  Shoes can always be optional at a beach wedding but for safety sake you may want ballet slippers or classy sandals...please remember heels don't work in the sand.
When it comes to dressing your bridesmaids and mothers the same tips I have just given should apply.  They too are in the same place with the same weather so you want to make sure they have thought of all the above elements.
-Deborah LaFranchi

Deborah LaFranchi is a professional designer who has worked in the Los Angeles area for over 20 years. She has extensive background in theater having designed over 100 theatrical productions. She perfected her technical skill in sewing at an early age and attended "The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising" in San Francisco and Los Angeles.

A very BIG thanks to Deborah...
now, go checkout Deborah's website 
to see her amazing creations.


CinnamonAndSass said...

Great tips, I have always wanted a beach wedding...now all I have to do is get my sweetie to pop the question ;)

Alex said...

I'm for the nude beach wedding thing.

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