Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Q and A Time! And Last Call for the Cold Plasma Giveaway!

Wedding season is upon us!
OK, it really never ends anymore!

But before I go on...
The Perricone Cold Plasma Giveaway ends 4/28
Enter HERE!
 I first posted this back in September
{I think I hard 2 readers then}
but, I get this one particular question a lot.
So, I figured...let's revisit the mystery of the gift.

MYTH: The cost of the gift (received from the invited guest) should be equivalent to what the per-person cost of the meal is.

TRUTH: No. No. No. An invitation to a wedding is not a trade out. A guest is not expected to first of all even know what you are spending per-person, much less be forced to spend that amount on a gift. The bride or groom does not get to dictate the price range of their wedding gifts (even if they tried to do so with their registry!). Now, the expectations of gifts - money vs. actual gifts - and the "cost" of the gifts do vary from region to region, so you may need to adapt this advice to your particular area.

Happy Planning!


Heather @ Gerber Days said...

I agree with you Miss Holly!

For our wedding, we didn't even include one of those registry slips. We did register at a couple places, and if someone asked, then I would just tell them. I just felt it was a bit tacky to put it in there, and expect people to get me things on the registry. That's just me though!

Ya, the area that you live in definitely makes a difference on what is expected.

Deepali Kalia Filling Spaces said...

Love the blog header

Mhel said...

Love your ideas..... Will definitely get tips from your site.... Youve got urself a new follower!

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