Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Everything Vegan Wedding Book is HERE!

You may not believe your eyes...I do still exist.
Most of my projects have been happening over at 504 Main. I just found it a little overwhelming to maintain 2 blogs...
but I do have an announcement....
a few months back, I had the pleasure of working on
a new book for The Everything Series.

This book is called The Everything Vegan Wedding Book and it is available NOW at your local book store or through Amazon and other online avenues!
(clicking on the following will take you to amazon and this is an affiliate link)

As people make important changes in their daily lives to honor their health and the planet, many, many are switching to veganism. In fact, vegan weddings have take a big place in the spot light over the last couple of years with such well-known names as Chelsea Clinton and Ellen DeGeneres hosting their own vegan soirees. 

Amazon description:
Planning a wedding from scratch is tough, but planning a vegan wedding is even tougher! With the lifestyle affecting nearly every part of their lives, including what they eat, wear, and use, vegan brides-to-be are often torn between having a conventional wedding and sticking to their beliefs. "The Everything Vegan Wedding Book" provides the answers these brides need! It shows brides how to make their weddings earth-friendly, animal-friendly, and even guest-friendly! Featuring extensive information on how to make any vegan wedding a hit with even the most doubtful attendee, this is the ideal guide for the ethical bride!

As you may imagine, many guests, heck even a bride and grooms own parents may question a decision for a vegan wedding, but through open communication and understanding any couple can put these practices to work and throw a vegan wedding with style. 

Even if you are not vegan, incorporating vegan ideas into your wedding can also prove to be earth-friendly, eco-friendly, and just plain good for you!

So, Happy New Year and please help spread the word!


Tanja Barazon said...

The shoes on the homepage picture are so pretty! Where did you find those?

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kennady said...

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