Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Once Upon a Time...

Once upon a time I was a wedding planner in Los Angeles. I was lucky enough to work with some really amazing brides and vendors during that time. One of my favorite memories is working with Tamara. I met her through my friend Cynthia at A Legendary Affair. Tamara worked as my assistant on many, many weddings and she was (is) FABULOUS! Tamara eventually was offered a position at the Portofino Hotel and Yacht Club in Redondo Beach...luckily,
we were still able to work together, just in a different capacity.

Tamara has since moved back to Texas, but recently (like a couple of days ago) she posted this really lovely story about one of the first weddings she coordinated. I thought it should be shared...so here it is (and, yes, I did steal my opening line from her story...it just fit!).

Visit Tamara's blog, The McDonald World, to see the whole story...these are just a few photos (from one of our favorite photographers EVER, Epic Imagery) to entice you.
Click here for the direct link.

Thanks to Tamara and Katie for sharing this story.

Photos from Epic Imagery


elvira pajarola said...

COMPLIMENTI: very tasteful Photos....and a great link!
have a beautiful day!

A Legendary Affair said...

I love reading your blog and becoming inspired by the photography and ideas. It was fun to read today's story and see my name jump out! Love that - and sure miss you and your creative energy down here in LA. Please tell Tamara "hello"!!!
PS -- I agree about Epic Imagery

Tamara McDonald said...

Thanks for posting it and linking to my blog! I got a couple of more followers! :) BTW...I love the new picture on your blog. Very pretty!

Clare said...

Stopping by from SITS. I also love make-up live in Cali and love Pretty in Pink. Because we have those in common I will follow you!

Mama Kayla said...

Very tasteful pictures! Being a wedding planner must be very exciting. Love your work!

-Stopping by from SITS.

Christina Rodrigues said...

Beautiful flowers!

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