Friday, October 30, 2009

To Guest Book or Not to Guest Book

The idea, or should I say, tradition of a guestbook has been around for what seems like forever. Over the last several years the guest book has taken some twists and turns. Probably the most popular reincarnation of the guestbook has been the matted engagement photo, where guests sign their well wishes on the matting surrounding the photo. However, there are many other creative alternatives that deserve some time in the spotlight. I am going to spend a few posts here and there, highlighting some of the best guest book ideas I have seen or heard of.

For the first installment, I am going to start with a really easy and fun alternative. For one super fun couple I worked with we simply purchased a spiral bound scrap book style photo album, like this...

Then I bought crayons, markers, and good 'ole regular pens. We placed these items in a cool container by the book, and created a frame with the phrase "Draw a picture. Write a poem. Share some words of wisdom."

To give guests a clue as to what we were doing (because it was different), I brought the guest book to the rehearsal dinner and had the parents and wedding party do their signing there. Guest love visuals!

HIP TIP: The family and wedding party are really busy on the wedding day. By taking the guestbook to the rehearsal dinner they will have time to sign it and leave their well wishes without being rushed...and of course you don't want them to be left out of this special keepsake.

Happy Planning!



Keri said...

Hello, Friend...

Thank you so much for stopping and following and THAT'S COOL!! Your page is SUCH a great idea. I swear I shall never marry again, but anyone I know who is, I will tell about this spot on the web. Am reading your stuff and enjoying very much your writings and interesting tips about traditions of marriage. Take good care, I'll be back. Keri

Mama the Chef said...

What a really good idea, I wish I had something like this for our wedding. Just the other day my hubby and I were like, what do we do with this guest book? All our guests just signed their names!! Doing something more creative makes it worthy of keeping!

jociegal said...

I LOOOOVE this idea. Thank you SO much. Thank you!

Anonymous said...
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