Friday, December 11, 2009

Good Taste Never Goes Out of Style

When you plan your wedding, if you remain true to yourself,
and you embrace your style fully, the results,
no matter what your budget, will be stunning.
Ultimately the trick to having a timeless wedding
is about deciding what "trends" to follow or not,
about selecting a gown you adore,
not one that is on the pages of every bridal magazine, and most
importantly about being a happy, gracious, and stylish bride.

The photos below are not of a recent wedding,
but the results are timeless.
This wedding could easily be pulled off right now
with the same details and look just as amazing.
A true sign of  good design.

For some background, this is one of my favorite weddings.
Everyone was delightful - the parents (both sides), the attendants,
the guests, and expecially the bride and groom!
We were also fortunate to work with some of
the best wedding professionals in L.A.
(and I had the best assistant!)
The bride was very into the details.
She knew exaclty what she wanted and she knew
how to make herself, her family, and the guests happy.

The budget for this wedding was grand,
but many of these details could easily
inspire a bride with any budget.

So without any further adieu...the wedding eye candy!

A beautiful ceremony at a historic church

Ringing the bells before heading to the reception.

A grand reception at an exclusive private club
in downtown Los Angeles

As each guest entered, they picked up an escort card
(to direct them to their table).
Inside the card, the bride and/or groom had written a special note,
or bits and pieces of special memories for each guest.

The table centerpieces were individual cakes sitting on silver bowls.
These cakes were served to the guests at cake cutting time,
leaving a silver bowl full of rose petals.
Later that night, each guest took a handful of rose petals
and showered the bride and groom with them
as they danced the last dance of the evening.

A small, but grand, two-tier cake was made for
the bride and groom to cut into at cake cutting time.

A bouquet with 5+ dozen roses!

Happy Planning!

PS-These photos were scanned in by moi...
(yes pre-digital era here)
so the quality is not what it should be.
Please appreciate the ideas and not the scanning.


Dragonfly said...

Very nice!! Beautiful centrepieces :-) Happy weekend!

Twincerely,Olga said...

WOW!! Just gorgeous!!! Happy SITs Sharefest Saturday!!! I am having a giveaway so please stop by

Jenn Erickson said...

Hi Hol! Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest! What a great concept for cake!

AVY said...

I didn't even know there were trends in weddings. Isn't the point the timeless traditionalism of it all?

Jenny said...

Wow. I am sending this link to my nephews fiance. She works for a big wedding magazine in Phoenix and does all their TV spots, etc. She might have seen some of these ideas but some of them are sooo cool. Thanks for sharing. And taking the time to scan them in.

Tamara McDonald said...

Loved everything about that wedding!

Iva said...

such a lovely wedding!! ;)

RobinsgotHealth said...

Makes me want to get married!
Very elegant!

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