Monday, January 11, 2010

What's a Guy To Do?

A few posts ago, I was talking about "Engagement Season"
and in the comments Crimson Flames asked,
"So what about stuff like going down on a knee?
Is there anything you expect him to do to make it perfect?"
Well, I thought - Ta-Da! - let's chat about it!

What do women expect these days?
Do they expect a man to get down on one knee?
Do they expect a the question to be flashed on
the scoreboard at the Kings game?
Do they want to be flown to Paris and
receive their ring atop the Eiffel Tower?

I think there is no one size fits all answer...
if you are going to be asking someone to marry you,
hopefully you know what kind of gal she is.
Let that be your guide.

If she is the traditional romantic type, I say
"Get down on one knee and do it the old-fashioned way!"
Really, can you wrong with that anyhow?

If she likes to be the center of attention and
you know she'll be Twittering or texting seconds after the proposal,
do it B-I-G, do it in public, do it when her friends or family are around
(just be sure ya are about 100% sure the answer will be "YES!").

If she is the adventurous type, whisk her away to a romantic locale...
it doesn't have to be pop the question.

Still wondering what to do...when I was a wedding planner
some of the best proposal I heard were:

Re-enacting their first date experience -
same activity, same restaurant, etc.

Popping the question at the location of the first kiss.

Sending the lucky lady on a treasure hunt around the city
to points of interest and meaning with the final destination
being the man and the ring at a fabulous location.

I also saw couples surprise everyone else with a party
that turned into a Surprise Engagement Party.

So, what's your story?
Have a great idea to share with
the soon-to-be's of wedding world. Tell us!

Of course, first you need to take a peek at engagement rings...
my pal Melissa over at the The Ebell of Los Angeles Blog
just posted Engagement Rings 101 Part 1 and Part 2...
go check out the great tips and to-do's!

Happy Planning!


melissa said...

My Engagement was last year at Boldt Castle up in the 1000 Islands in NY near Canada. My fiancee and I were visiting there like we always do every year. He ws acting very strange all day I thought he wasnt feeling well so I blew it off. While we were walking the grounds at the Castle we noticed someone having a wedding . I was like ah some day that will be me . LOL welll hours passed and I noticed he was nervously putting his hand in one of his pockets. Again didnt think of it. we toook another boat ride back to the castle later that day. while we were walking the grounds he stoped at the fountain nervously muttering things (its so bad but I cant remember what he said LOL) well anyways he was purposing I was IN Shock lol so much that I didnt cry till 5 mins later. lol he was trying to hurry up the process because there were other proplr trying to take a group photo where he was purposing lol. But he never went down on one knee and thats ok. It didnt make a difference I still said YES ... So know we are getting married in 2011 At BOLDT castle on Sept.10th at 1pm YAY

Rhiannon Banda-Scott said...

I was asked on a dock in Florida watching the sunrise :) simple and perfect! xx

Anonymous said...

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