Monday, November 16, 2009

Mythical Mondays

It's that time again...Mythical Mondays! But before I go any further, just a couple of quick notes...

First, be on the lookout for a book giveaway...yes, The Everything Wedding Etiquette Book is coming out very soon, and I will be giving away a copy (or maybe two)!

Secondly, I am accepting questions about etiquette and general planning...feel free to email me or post it in the comments, just be sure to leave me an email or check back often so you can catch the answer. I will be posting Q and A on Wednesdays.

So with no further adieu...

MYTH: Buffet meals are less expensive than plated meals.

TRUTH: I am sure you've heard save cash have a buffet at your reception. While this may have been true at one time, it is not always the case anymore. It really depends on the location, caterer, and the type of meal service you decide on.

In general, unless you are taking about throwing out a 6-foot long sandwich and calling it a day, buffet meals require just as much time and attention as plated meals. While the caterer may need additional servers for a plated meal, for the buffet the caterer must make more food, as some of the guests may visit the buffet line one, two, or three times before being satisfied. Secondly, there must also be enough china and flatware on hand for these repeat visitors - a guest should never revisit the line with a "dirty" plate. And, finally, if you are responsible for rental items, you will need to rent tables and linens for the buffet, as well as possibly arranging for some decor. 

Also, don't make the mistake of thinking food stations are the same as a buffet either. Stations are typically more costly and elaborate than buffets. They typically require a chef at each station and specialty items as well.

What does this mean? In your search for the perfect venue and caterer ask the questions and get all your facts in order before just assuming a buffet will cost less. There is much more to making this decision as well, look for more details in the coming weeks.

Happy Planning!



elvira pajarola said...

I am curious about this new book...
I will get it certainly at amazon's ! GREAT! I'll hand it over to some of my Pro's Friends, which Do organize Weddings here in Tuscany!
...But a look I'll take obviously too!!!!!!!!

have a great day!

Margaret aka: Fact Woman said...

I need that book!!!! Here is my question. My daughter and all of her bridesmaids live in Seattle. I'm in Denver, as are most of her childhood friends and all our extended family. I know that traditionally family members should not throw a shower for the couple. In this situation, would it be terrible to break that rule or should I have a couple of my friends put their names on the invite? The shower will have to be held at my house because of the size of the shower? Advice???

Erin said...


I'm a follower over here, too, just don't visit much b/c, well, I'm already married as are most of my pals. But I should still stop by sometimes!


I want a stamper! Pick me!

MJ said...

Where, oh where were you when I ran away 7 years ago. Your advice is so true!! The first thing that popped in my head about buffets is the extra food you would have to have prepared and then most likely wasted (I worked for the campus catering during college and the weddings we did were the BEST!)
PS - yep, I'm following you here to

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