Thursday, November 26, 2009

What to Wear!?

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My hubby and I are going to an indoor, evening wedding with a cocktail party reception. I was thinking of wearing my version of the "little black dress" with a lavender wrap and some sort of metallic-colored heel/sandal. Is this acceptable? You must always get the "is-black-okay-at-weddings" question...

For modern weddings, at a soiree such as you describe, black is totally acceptable. Accenting it with fabulous accessories, especially with a colored wrap and cute shoes is stylish and sophisticated and totally appropriate.

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Happy Planning!


jociegal said...

Hello there,

I just discovered your blog today and it is fab! I am getting married in April and I cannot wait to check out all your blog has to offer. Yay!!!

Hannah said...

It sounds like you not only love your job, but that you are really excellent at it as well. Wish I knew about you when I got married. Submit CUTE or FUNNY photos and tell friends to vote for them. No entry fee.

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