Friday, September 25, 2009

Flower Girl Follies

Flower girls are cute, but as a wedding planner, they are the wild card. No matter what their age, they are little girls - I have kids, I know! I have seen brides completely stressed over the flower girl (and ring bearer too) situation. Really, is that what you need to worry about on your wedding day...Will she walk the aisle? Will she throw a fit before walking the aisle? Will she make it the entirety of the aisle? Will she find the mud puddle before the ceremony? Forget the expectations that she is going to "evenly distribute flower petals while she walks the aisle" (really, seriously?) - most of the girls want to keep the petals for themselves - or that she will stand up with the bridesmaids without fidgeting for the 45 minute ceremony. Am I saying don't have a flower girl, NO! Select a flower girl that is old enough to understand what is happening and what she is supposed to do, and most importantly, just be realistic! Enjoy the potential comic relief and slight imperfections in your plan that may come with the inclusion of little people in the wedding.


Jessica said...

I have seen the flower girl sit with her parents after the bride has walked down. It can be done without causing a 6 year old brother started choking because his tie was too tight! My step dad had to come get him off stage. LOL!

Holly said...

I always tell the bride to just let the flower girl and ring bearer take a seat after (if) they walk the aisle, but many brides have this "vision" and it is so hard to get them to realize otherwise.

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