Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Mythical Mondays

Before we go any further...YES, I know it is Tuesday. Now on to business...to continue on with the Myths of Wedding Plan, here is Myth #2.

MYTH: The cost of the gift (received from the invited guest) should be equivalent to what the per-person cost of the meal is.

TRUTH: No. No. No. An invitation to a wedding is not a trade out. A guest is not expected to first of all even know what you are spending per-person, much less be forced to spend that amount on a gift. The bride or groom does not get to dictate the price range of their wedding gifts (even if they tried to do so with their registry!).


Jessica said...

so I would like you to confirm or deny this: Do mother of bride/groom need to wear the "wedding color" and length.

Can you wear black to a wedding? I only have for evening weddings because well my black cocktail dress is rockin on me :)

Holly said...

Good question! The mother of the bride/groom do not need to wear the "wedding color." They should wear a complimentary color however - something that shows how fabulous and special they are on the wedding day but does not make them look like a bridesmaid or look like they are trying to "steal the show." For example, wearing a lipstick red gown, when the wedding colors are neutral tones would be a BAD choice. Also, the mothers need not wear the same colors or match...again it is about being complimentary to each other and the wedding.

As for guest, wearing black to a wedding is totally fine, acceptable, and happens all the time, especially if it is rockin' on you!

Thanks for stopping by Jessica.

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