Friday, September 25, 2009

Simple Solutions

It's Friday - Rehearsal Day for many couples. It is a crazy exciting day that is packed with emotions. If you are reading this and you are not yet married, let me tell you, you cannot even imagine the little (and sometimes big) "tiffs" I have seen between bride and groom on rehearsal day.

Why? As a bride (or groom), you have been working and planning to make this day perfect, and as the day approaches you are surrounded by family and friends, attending bridesmaids lunches and rehearsals, attending to all those last minute details...and probably have not seen a whole lot of your fiance...remember him, the man this is all for?

When I was a (crazy) bride, my Matron of Honor gave me the best advice ever - dvice I passed on to the many brides I worked with over the years - spend some time with your man! You can make time for the manicurist...make time for the man! Even if all you can swing is driving with your fiance - and only your fiance - to the rehearsal dinner, do it!

Happy Planning!

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Brandie said...

Visiting from SIS. Cute blog!

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