Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Once upon a time I was selected to be in a reality television show. At the time I thought the premise was fantastic and totally up my alley - plan a totally cool wedding...on a budget...and quickly. However, somewhere between "A and Z" I learned the realities of reality TV (drama-tears-conflict sell, happy is not necessarily part of the script). I ended up not doing the show (whew!). 

So, why, oh why do I rehash this experience you ask? Because it was the catalyst for an idea that has been growing and evolving ever since - It is possible, to have a hip, stylish, and totally cool wedding no matter what your budget. I firmly believe this and will always believe this is possible with smart spending, smart planning, and savvy ideas.

So, this blog is about possibilities and making dreams come true. It is about brides taking control and making their weddings every bit as cool as those six-figure soirees in the glossy magazines. It is about each bride embracing her visions and hopes for her wedding and finding a way to make them work for her.

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