Friday, September 18, 2009

Wedding Myths

No one ever said planning a wedding was easy. Over the last few years, "big" weddings have become hugely popular for brides and big business for wedding vendors. During this time, a slew of "urban legends for wedding planning" have sprung up. Many brides get caught up in these myths as they seem simple enough and, on the surface, sometimes even logical. Don't be fooled. Dispelling the unfortunately too common fallacies of wedding planning will help you avoid disappointment and disaster.

MYTH #1: Friends and others can do the job of real wedding professionals.

TRUTH: The name says it all; they are wedding professionals, not carnival experts, or meeting planners or portrait photographers at chain stores. Hiring real professionals takes your wedding to that next level, and their experience provides skill, competence, and sophistication. For example, a photographer who shoots products or even posed family portraits may be skilled and talented but shooting weddings is a whole different ball game. Wedding photographers know how to get the shots they want, get them quickly, round up family, and keep the party flowing. Wedding professionals understand the flow of events and important timing elements on a wedding day. They are familiar with the emotions that go into the day and usually have a special knack for dealing with the bride, groom, wedding party, families, and even guests.

Are you married? Have you helped someone plan a wedding? Have you discovered any myths?

More myths to's part of a series! Oh, and trust me there is a lot more to say, and I will say it!



Rook No. 17 said...

Holly, I'm already married ~ happily. No weddings on the horizon for anyone in my immediate circle. YET, I still loved reading this post. Something about your writing and the ever-captivating subject of the WEDDING transcends a need for personal relevance.

Tamara McDonald said...

Hey Holly...Great blog(s)! I have a few myths I could share with you. For starters..."your hotel catering manager is not your personal wedding coordinator"! :) Look forward to reading your blogs!

Holly said...

Ooooo...Tamara I want you to share...want to write a guest post?

Brenda M. Owen said...

Holly great blog and I totally agree...thank you for your words of wisdom. Brenda M. Owen Wedding Officiant & Minister ~

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