Sunday, September 20, 2009

Story Sundays

Every bride loves to share her wedding story, so I officially declare it to be "Story Sundays."

I have been thinking a lot lately about getting married vs. throwing a wedding (that is a much longer subject and a post to come). Every time I think about this I recall a couple I worked with, who were so happy just to be getting married. In fact everyone involved in this wedding was just one obsessed about anything. Everyone was focused on making the bride and groom happy. Really, that is truly miraculous...someone is always got a "bee in their bonnet" about something. Whenever I tell their story, I just cannot help to think that even if their wedding reception would have had to been moved to the parking lot it would have been OK..their priorities were in the right place.

I would love to hear your stories...If you are a wedding professional, a bride to be, or a happily married woman, please share your story. Post a comment and I'd be happy to feature your story and a photo (if you wish).

And watch Sunday is my 12 year anniversary....I have lots of stories and I may even post a photo.


Tamara McDonald said...

I so remember that wedding that that heart wreath came from. One of my favorites that I helped you with. I will think if I have any wedding stories to share. Hey...I may even share my own!

Holly said...

That was a great wedding! You were (are) the best!

Rook No. 17 said...

My wedding was wonderfu, but not without all the family drama, egos, etc... so I will not be drawing from personal experience for this comment. Holly, I know you've seen it, as it's been around the email circuit a few go-rounds, but every time I watch this video of "Jill and Kevin's Big Day" it puts a big smile on my face to see such happy people!

Rook No. 17 said...

Okay, so wonderfu was a typo, but I think it still fits. It was pretty darn Wonderfu!

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