Monday, September 28, 2009

Mythical Monday

I continue to try and convince myself Mondays can be just as happy as HAPPY MONDAY! Now, on to the latest in the series of Wedding Myths. Enjoy!

MYTH: A wedding professional who is featured on television or in a magazine article must be among the best of the best in the wedding industry.

TRUTH: Wedding professionals (and other people in general) end up on television and in magazines for many reasons. Is everyone in the pages of (popular) magazines there because they are doing good things or are the best actress/actor/musician, etc.? Maybe? Maybe not? Hmmm.....

Now, before the vendors go and get all huffy on me, many of the professionals are featured because their work is superior or they have a special niche in the market. However, a blanket statement cannot be made that all are of superior caliber or quality or reputation.

As for TV, most television shows are searching for a particular look, personality, and someone who can perform on camera (yes, there are casting calls for these shows), regardless of their skill or standing in the business. Many of the features you see in print incorporate the publication's advertisers. Some magazines have been known to say, "If you become and advertiser we would be happy to feature you in the story about "so and so's" wedding." And, some choose who they feature based solely on merit or creativity.

So, am I boo-hooing these wedding professionals..."NO!" What I am saying is that some vendors get better press because they seek it out, some because it comes to them, and some choose to quietly, creatively, and effectively do their jobs.

To a bride weddings are about love...but to wedding professionals, weddings are a business. Do your homework - don't let glitz and glamour blind your judgment. Meet with each vendor, ask for references and trust your intuition.

Happy Planning!

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